Concert classical guitars built to your specifications. 

My intent is to satisfy your requirements and preferences for sound and playability.   I encourage you to input as much information as you like to help me shape an instrument that fits your needs.

These instruments are made from

the finest tonewoods following the traditions of construction set by the world's  most renowned luthiers.

If you are interested in modifications or amplification devices,   the possibilities are becoming endless  (pickups, mics, wireless transmitters, midi controllers, etc... to be placed inside the guitar without any degradation to the sound).


I wanted to write to you about some experiences that I have had with my latest Carrington guitar. As you know, I am engaged regularly with the Minnesota Opera and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra for their projects ranging from Rossini to Dove to Crumb to Gershwin along with a very busy chamber music and concerto career in Europe for the past 23 years. I have always received compliments about the sound your guitars make  (in fact, at least 6 of them have been "bought out from under me"  directly after some concerts) but your more recent designs have caused quite a stir, particularly regarding the huge amount of sound they produce.  My cello and guitar duo, the Arpeggione Duo, just played a series of concerts in the Stockholm area and, for the first time ever, the balance was not an issue. My duo partner plays and exceptional Italian instrument made in 1710 with a Tourte bow, too. It make a huge sound to say the least. Well, your guitar produced so much lovely sound as well that several people, at every concert, mentioned that it sometimes even drowned out the cello!

I very much look forward to getting it in front of an orchestra. My next USA concert is not for awhile as I am back all over Europe before it: Lake Tahoe Summer Music Festival. Ponce's Concierto del Sur with the Reno Philharmonic.

Thanks again and again and keep up the great work.

Chris Kachian, DMA

Professor of Music

University of St. Thomas

Director of Guitar Studies

Hi Chris-

Thanks- I’m really enjoying the guitar.  I’m playing it all the time!

See you sometime!


Andy Summers,  guitarist for the Police


Chris Carrington made me a guitar that has been invaluable. I originally
bought it to use as an electric classical guitar for chamber music, my group
Ufonia and concerti. I was overjoyed to find it was a wonderful concert
instrument at an extremely affordable price. Thank you!

Benjamin Verdery,

Guitar Dept Head, Yale school of Music

I played a concert the night before  in Columbia, MD and people were coming up to me after the show asking about your guitar!  I had several people tell me how much they liked the sound of the instrument and it's projection.  I have to tell you it's also easy to play and very responsive!  It's going to get even better as I get to play it in.

Thought you would like to know that people really enjoyed the sound of the instrument you built for me!  Thanks so much for creating such a great guitar for me to use!

All the best,

Zane Forshee, Guitar Faculty  at:  NC School of the Arts, Peabody Conservatory, University of Maryland

Chris Carrington is one of the most open minded and creative guitar makers
on the planet, he understand what a player wants and needs from a guitar
because he is a player , and a bad ass one at that.  His guitars represent the
future of classical guitar.

Dominic Frasca,  New York City

I am a collector of fine classical guitars; I own examples of every maker of note since, and including A. Torres.   In my collection are three Carrington guitars; they are truly world class in both sound and appearance.   I have made my collection available to Chris Carrington for study, and he has produced some tremendous guitars,   I think due to his attention to my collection.   I have only the highest confidence in recommending his guitars to anyone looking for a first rate concert instrument.    One of Chris’s guitars is pictured in the book that was written about my collection.

Russell Cleveland,

Renowned Collector of Guitars

see: “The Classical Guitar, a Complete History” Tony Bacon’s book documenting  the Russell Cleveland Collection