Hey Chris,

Just wanted to let you know that your guitar was a big hit last night.  It really sounded fantastic and was a pleasure to play.  I had it plugged into the Yamaha box and run thru a very nice house PA system at Mannes. The sound was fat and luscious.  I'm going to be using your guitar in all my concerts from now on.  Thanks so much for making such a great guitar for me.

All the best,

Fred Hand, 

GTR Professor Mannes College of Music, Metropolitan Opera Guitarist

Hey Chris,

Just wanted to let you know that your guitar is sounding terrific. I can't believe how much it's changed since I first got it. In particular, the 1st string has really mellowed and evened out.  When you hear it, you going to think that I'm an even bigger asshole than you previously thought.

Yamaha monitor sounds good. Wish it had a little more gain. Just got that other unit- the Digitech Jam man type doodad. I've taken it out of the box but I haven't summoned up the energy to read the manual yet.  The thing does everything except wash your car, very daunting.

I never got to hear that other pick up system in Ben's Yale guitar.  But based on what Ben tells me, I'd still like you to install it. He refers to it as a mic on a strip. I don't really understand that, but you must know what he's talking about.

Hope all's well with you. Looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Best W's,

Fred Hand

GTR Professor Mannes College of Music,  Metroploitan Opera Guitarist

Hello Chris,

I thought I had already emailed you to tell you how pleased I am with the

instrument you built for my student Elizabeth Gardner. Just realized I

never had done so and I apologize. It has made a huge difference in the

ease with which she can now play and the sound is lovely, very full for a

brand new instrument. She gave her first public performance on guitar last

week and your instrument made it possible. She would never have been able

to be as comfortable on any of her previous guitars.

Thank you for your thoughtful emails, updates and photos throughout the

building. It was very interesting to be able to see the process from "the

ground up."

We will both definitely highly recommend your work to anyone looking to

have an instrument built.


Amy Brucksch

Education Coordinator

Pan Harmonia, a project of Keowee Chamber Music

Hey Chris,

I think you've found "it".   By "it"   I mean the seemingly perfect combination
of concert classic guitar and electro-acoustic instrument. It works in all
contexts (I've used it for gigs, chamber music as well concertos.) and
through any system. It plays evenly throughout its entire range, has a very
punchy top range, a delightfully sonorous middle range, and the loudest bass
response I've heard from any guitar. The true wonder of all this though, is
that all those qualities translate into the amplified application.  Congratulations

on a fine discovery. I look forward to even more  great realizations of your ideas.

Chris Kachian, 

Prof. guitar and music, St, Thomas U.

We also got a chance to check out another great guitar maker who turns
 out a lovely and wonderful instrument with on board electronics (if desired)-
-Christopher Carrington.  This is the second time I heard this beautiful instrument
in the amplified state (the first was about 2 years ago in Alice Tully Hall.  That night
I called Ben after the concert to tell him how great the sound was as we were near
 the back of the hall!).   The Carrington guitar is a great instrument and doesn't kill
the pocketbook.  Several of Ben's students have one,  and even without the electronics,
you have a first rate concert instrument!!!  Way to go Chris!!!

(from a review by Don Witter of Ben Verdery's concert for the New York Classical
Guitar Society on June 3, 2003)

Hi chris,


I would have written a couple of hours ago, but I just could not put the new guitar down, its so gorgeous & the smaller neck makes playing a real pleasure.  Aside from the teriffic playability, I really like the big warm sound & tonal evenness, the dynamic range, responsiveness to my touch & the  great look.


So many thanks, this instrument has exceeded all my expectations!


All best,




I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful guitar you made for me. Julie said you didn't know what I thought and I do love it. The sound is gorgeous. I can't believe how much better it sounds than my old guitar. I have played for hours going through all my old songs that I learned just to hear the big sound it makes. No more pingy sound for me! Thank you!!!!! It is great! Now I just have to become a better guitar player!


Cindy Warren

Hey Chris,

Yes, I just had those plates put on and I had the action lowered on the bass strings. It's perfect!!!

I have a big show tonight. I might just use it unplugged. I bought a small 2 channel mixer and a volume pedal. I think I have it all worked out. I will probably use chorus, verb, and some delay too!

I could not be happier with this guitar!!!

I will be in touch soon!

Take care Chris!

Carlo Vasile,  Las Guitaras de Espana

Hi Chris,

She arrived safe and sound.


No time to type, can't stop playing ......

I'll try to find you by phone tomorrow.

Dr. Julie Goldberg, Gtr Professor, Avanti Gtr Trio. Chicago

Hi Chris,


Chris, received the guitar in tip top shape.  Very beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Another fantastic instrument.

Love how it plays and the sound I think is great. I know with a little break in it will only get better. Thanks so much.

I hope you received the check with no problems.



I'll talk to you soon


greetings chris,

would you like to post the following testimonial ?    I recently purchased a Carrington classical . Things you should know ----- ;chris's guitars are immediatley recognizable by their distinctive and gorgeous headstock shape ; it evokes images of a cathederal. the analogy is an apt way of describing its voice i.e majestic, lofty and soaring- just like a cathederal.but the guitar is also possesed of a wonderful balance and string to string clarity. another attribute is its versatility. you can play the classical repertoire convincingly or contempory pieces .  and     you can elicit a Debussy-like pianistic sound or if provoked the guitar has a huge set of balls (can i say that on the internet !! ) this is not just hyperbole . lastly Chris's guitars are exceptional value for money.   warm regards.

joseph, Melbourne Australia 

Hey Chris

Thanks for telling me about the battery thing. I still feel quite new to this so any information like that is very useful to me.

Anyway, I am already so pleased with the guitar. I performed with it last night at a coffee shop in Denton and received so many compliments on it. In fact, a boy, Adam I think was his name, about 12 years old and a pretty good player was very interested and I gave him all of your information.

Again, I really cannot thank you enough for putting so much into this guitar. You are truly an artist and I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful guitar.

Thanks again,

Allie, U of North Texas music major


I am really enjoying the guitar. It surpasses all my expectations. It just plain sounds good, with a  full range of tones from bright to warm, loud to soft. Thanks for your advice on the setup and materials, it is the easiest to play classical guitar I've tried. Too bad I like it so much, I probably won't ever need to order another guitar. Everyone at the guitar society meeting that played it liked it as well.

 I finally got around to recording it the other night, and it was really easy to get a decent sound on tape (well, digital tape). Here is a clip of a christmas carol for you to enjoy. Merry chrsitmas and thanks for the great guitar.



David Knauber

Chris, I just wanted to tell you again that it is a beautiful instrument.  I played it for another while last night and the tone is absolutely gorgeous... very warm but also with plenty of projection.  The first string really sings and the basses are very full.  The neck feels great and I'm glad we went for the 53mm width at the nut... I like the extra space.  As I told you before, the piece of cedar you chose for the top is beautiful both in terms of colour and grain, and the rosewood too.  I've also never had a French polished guitar and I like how in a sense the wood "shines through" a lot more than on guitars with more "industrial" finishes.

Oh, by the way... I managed to make the E string stay put using both holes... I just looped it through twice and that did the trick.



I have been playing every night using your guitar.  The guitar has such a strong bass like a Miguel Rodriquez guitar.  This is the most beautiful guitar that I have seen.  Thank you so much for constructing this guitar for me. 


I got the guitar this morning.

I lo~~~ve the guitar. I finally got the guitar that I've always wanted to have.

It sounds amazing and plays beautifully and perfectly fits my hands.

I also like the way it looks, it's very pretty. Thank you for all your detail works that I asked.

Keep up the good work~


Mr. Carrington,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, Ive been playing all the music I own to see how it sounds on the new guitar.  It all sounds wonderful, the notes just jump out at you.  Especially in Bach, the different voices are so much clearer.  And the sound is so much richer and warmer than my old guitar.  The bass sounds great, without being too overpowering.  I love the sound, and it’s so easy to play, it makes even technical exercises almost enjoyable.  I absolutely love this guitar, thank you so much!

Rachel Neece, guitar perf. major Eastman School of Music

Thank you. It is a beautiful instrument.

Very Respectfully,

Ryan Thompson

The guitar sounds better every time I pick it up. Once I start playing it i cant stop. ill be in touch when I get the letter. 

                        take care       Dan R.

Hello Chris,


I received the guitar and couldn't be happier with your work!  The action is perfect!



Please let me know when you receive your check.


Thanks again and Happy New Year!


Marc Lipari, Yale School of Music

Hi Chris,


The guitar was delivered safely this morning; I just opened it up.  Was apparently properly stored overnight because nothing was cold and there was no evidence of frost or moisture.  All is well.  The instrument is beautiful.  I really appreciate the fine woods you chose; the silky top is especially nice.  I also like the maple strip and the 12 hole tie block.  I can't wait to play it in.  Right now, it is very balanced and subtle tone changes are easily created.  There is always such a rich sound to your guitars (at least to the four I've played), with deep overtones and a broad tone pallette.  It's rather closed now, to be sure, but should provide more dynamic range than I can handle.


Thanks very much, Chris.  It was certainly worth the wait.  Happy holidays to you.



        Hey Chris

The guitar made it early this afternoon in impeccable shape. It's a fantasticly beautiful instrument and sounds just phenomenally. Thank you so much.


Dear Chris


I would like to thank you for making me the most perfect sounding guitar. This guitar has the sweetest sound that I have ever heard and I will put it up against any of the top guitar makers. I was playing it the other day and my violin player said it best " The bass sounds like the piano bass and is strong". I want you to know my next album will be recorded using your guitar. Thank you again and soon I will have you make me another.


Saeid Davani


I just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing guitar. Of course I am

biased but I really believe it sounds better than any guitar I have ever

played.  I am getting ready to write a review of it to post on a

classical guitar forum I participate in and can send it to you when I'm

done for your Website.

2 Questions:

1)I like to keep my guitar out on a stand since I play it a couple of

times each day. Is it ok to do this or should I always store it in it's


2)How should I clean this guitar?  I do not want to scratch it or mess

up the polish

Eric Upchurch

Software Systems Specialist

UT Southwestern Medical Center

Phone: 214-648-4856

Hi Chris:

The guitar is great.  I have one other that has almost as good a sound but

the extra harmonic overtones, vibrations, etc. of yours put it in a class by

itself.  It is fuller and richer than all the others.  I'd like for Russell

Cleveland to see it.  I'd be willing to bet he's try to buy it from me.  It

is so unique that every one who sees it falls in love with it.  There are

some advanced players, I can't remember their names right now, Carlo's

students, that are coming down from Denton tomorrow to see my C.C.

Wonderguitar and, believe it or not, my old vihuela.  My left hand fingers

still get confused about where to go on that wide fingerboard but I truly

love it nonetheless.  You created an instant collectors item when you made

that thing.


Chris Barker

Chris, I just wanted to let you know some compliments I received on your work this past weekend. You built me a spruce cutaway with bband combo this time last year. I performed an art opening at a large gallery here in Raleigh this past weekend and received many compliments on the volume and sound of the instrument. Mind you I was in one room in a corner and the opening spanned three other adjacent rooms. I was told that the sound was easily heard at a great volume throughout the gallery. And, this is without any amplification! I left my little amp in the car the entire time. A reporter that was covering the event asked me at length about where I got the guitar - he obviously was a player and took down your web address. I get compliments every time I play the guitar.

It's been great having a guitar that you don't have to amplify except if you are in a loud club environment playing with other electric instruments, and you don't have to force sound to get volume when you don't have amplification. I frequently play an outdoor patio at a restaurant where I usually would play amplified using an Ovation. Well, I don't need any of that when I use your guitar. This place is loud too, there is an artificial waterfall and all of that going on.

Chris Censullo






New Orleans, LA

Dear Chris,

 Received the guitar in perfect condition and right on schedule.

I'm writing from my office and wish I was home playing the instrument.

The sound is superb and, of course,it's a beautiful piece of work that I will treasure for years.

Would you remind me what you use to inlay the rossette and expand a bit on the finish (french polish?)

Thanks .....David

New Haven, CT


Just wanted to let you know that the guitar is awesome.

It's working out really great and the midi is working really well

Thanks again.

I'll give you a buzz when I go to Dallas in a couple months

Take Care

David,  Yale School of Music

New Haven, CT

I am so happy  with my Carington classical guitar with MIDI

electronics.  Not only does this guitar sound great as a concert level

guitar it also acts as a means to record MIDI through my various

computer music programs.  To have both of these qualities in a

classical guitar is truly amazing.  Thanks Chris!

Marco Lipari,   Yale School of Music

from a US Army Soldier in Iraq:

Man, Chris...if you even remember me!

I haven't even checked this email account in ages!  Ya know what happened...

and I meant this in the most complimentary way...

I got hold of this guitar and for got all about you!  (I really do mean that as a compliment!) 

I have been loving this guitar for almost a year now.

Forgive me for my lack of correspondence!!!! Please!!!

Chris...everybody I show this guitar to nearly falls over dead! 

I could go on all day about how pleased I am, but for starters, the sound is soooooo complex.

 It is like tasting a fine wine, ya know, I hear a new hue of color and character every time I play it. 

This guitar has such a wonderful range.  I have never heard a guitar with whose sheer volume

 I am even nearly as pleased with. but even played softly it is so penetrating, clear and defined.

 I can tell that you did not put second level quality into this guitar.  I can seriously feel a "soul"

 in this instrument that only comes with care in workmanship.

Chris...I am sorry for my lack of correspondence.  I know you worked hard on this guitar...I can hear it. 

For that I am extremely grateful.

I am currnetly studying under Anthony Glise, (ya heard of him?), He loves it.

 He pointed out to me how the arch over the center back brace is rare, and how

 there is a lack of what he calls "flutter" bracing around the sound hole,

 (I honestly don't know that much about luthiery, but I like finding out good things aobut my guitar!).

  He loves it, and I can tell that every time he looks at this guitar he is refreshed that there are artists

who care like you do.  This is silly, but it makes me proud that people are seriously jealous of my guitar.

Man, sometimes it feels like I could physically pull sound out of this guitar when I play it.

Chris, sincerely thank you.  Thank you for this guitar.  I never expected to be this pleased.

St. Paul MN

hey man,


what a GREAT guitar. i want to sell mine now and get one of these. you're getting better and better!!!!

Sarasota, FL  


 It arrived in good shape and is stunning. You out did your self with spectacular workmanship.

This weekend I hope to get some time to play and give it a work out. I will write again next week.


I just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing guitar. Of course I am

biased but I really believe it sounds better than any guitar I have ever

played.  I am getting ready to write a review of it to post on a

classical guitar forum I participate in and can send it to you when I'm

done for your Website.


Dear Jeff,

  I can't recommend Chris Carrinton guitars enough for a few reasons{.I've copied him.} Great sound ,playability,electronics,insane price and great fellow to deal with.

    Be well!



Email to Chris Kachian after a concert in Twin cities
outstanding concert on saturday!  thanks so much for letting me know about it.
steve kakos was there, I had told him about your last concert and he mentioned he'd like to hear you,
so I told him about this one.
hearing your carrington makes me want another one.
you sound so good. I noticed the rosette is different, looked like maybe two rings of little triangles?
cool. is this something chris is doing now? or was it special on your guitar?  mine was a single ring of abalone dots.
take care chris and thanks again for the concert
bob owen


I'm very pleased with this guitar. The joints are
carefully fit, the neck is a dream, the details are
carefully done, the wood is nice, it looks good.

And it also sounds good too. I agree with you. I think
the guitar sounds good at the start, and will play in
and sound even better.

In addition, those Gilbert tuners are so superior to
the tuners on other guitars I've had. I'm really
impressed by them as well.

In short, I think you did a great job. I'll definitely
be showing this guitar to others and enjoy it myself.



Dallas TX
The guitar is great.  I have one other that has almost as good a sound but
the extra harmonic overtones, vibrations, etc. of yours put it in a class by
itself.  It is fuller and richer than all the others.  I'd like for Russell
Cleveland to see it.  I'd be willing to bet he's try to buy it from me.  It
is so unique that every one who sees it falls in love with it.  There are
some advanced players, I can't remember their names right now, Carlo's
students, that are coming down from Denton tomorrow to see my C.C.
Wonderguitar and, believe it or not, my old vihuela.  My left hand fingers
still get confused about where to go on that wide fingerboard but I truly
love it nonetheless.  You created an instant collectors item when you made
that thing.  My only complaint is that I have almost no time to fool with my

I recieved the guitar on Tuesday.  You did an incredible job.  Everything is
perfect.  The neck feels nice and the action is perfect.  I appreciate it.
Thanks again.

From Berkely CA

The guitar sounds and plays great.
Overall  i'm loving it. I finally have an instrument that is
well balanced across the strings and up and down the neck, as well as
having a rich and complex tone.

From the DC area:

It's been about 6 months now since you sent me my beautiful cedar/indian
rosewood guitar. I couldn't let you know any sooner how much I like the
guitar because I didn't want to set it down long enough to write to you.
Finally a string broke, so I decided, before I rushed to change it, that I'd
finally e-mail you to tell you how great the guitar is and how much I love
it. Thanks so much for a wonderful instrument.

From Yale U.

I recieved the guitar. It's GREAT. I can't believe it. So much volume,
warm tone, easy to play. I've been looking for a guitar like this for
years. Thanks a million.
We'll be in touch. I may want a spruce top sometime in the future.

from Wisconsin:

Thanks for the great new instrument. I've played it for about an hour and it exceeds all my expectations.
Great bass, very warm;  trebels are very resonant. Intonation is impeccable.
I finally got a chance to get a two hour work-out  on my new#182 Chris Carrington guitar.
It is without a doubt the finest instrument I've ever played.
 No kidding.Also, I like the action just where it is. (The shorter neck compensates for the higher action.)

Thanks again,

From Tulsa, OK

I have been very happy with the guitar.  It sings.   Although I don't do it
I love playing it and have found time to do so virtually everday since I
picked it up.
Thanks for you fine work.

From Osaka, Japan

Today  arrive great guitar!  Thank you!  This guitar is very very great!
1,Best playability. 2,Good response. 3.Very good sound.
After I sure order NEGRA.

A review in the Dallas morning news, 10/02, of the Vivaldi Guitar Concerto in D major:
(using no amplification)

Mr. Carrington proved to be a clean and lively guitarist whose playing was
 refreshingly free of extranaeous squeaks.
 Performing on an instrument he made himself, he achieved an excellent
balance with his colleagues, the guiitar being audible at all times.

Tony S. in the DC area:

This guitar is the sweetest thing I've put my hands on in a long time (aside
from my one-year old daughter). She projects as well as any guitar I've ever
played and has that dark and sweet sound I was looking for -- reminds me of
a good cognac. I like the fact that she's not too moody; it takes about 2
minutes to warm her up each day and then she sings like a Roman siren. She's
also very well balanced in the upper and lower range, bringing my bass notes
out much more clearly with less effort. I had problems with technique on my
last guitar (which I haven't played since I bought this one) that have
disappeared now, so the time we spent measuring for my hands paid off. She's
even better when plugged in and turned on. I'm amazed that a guitar with
such a good acoustic quality sounds so natural when amplified. I've been
playing in public frequently lately and have never heard a richer sound come
from an amplified classical guitar. I pieced together a stereo jack and when
both channels are connected she rips!

A.L. in New York

Howdy Chris, I just wanted to let you know that I’m still loving your guitar.  You might have heard already or not that Fred Hand is now the guitar teacher at Purchase instead of Ben Verdery.  Anyhow, Fred has really been knocked out with the guitar you made for me and I thought you might enjoy hearing that.  Thanks again and take it easy.

D.O. in Arizona

Received the guitar yesterday. It was on the porch when I got home from work.
It is a beautiful instrument! Of course I immediately had to try the RMC pick-up.
The analog works great. I haven't had a chance to try the midi. I noticed it came with a tapping plate(pick guard) too! What type of saddle is that! It's very interesting.
It seems like it will be a very versatile instrument to use for playing different venues. This is the guitar I needed for years! I may have to raise the action a bit if I play classical gigs or get used to playing closer to the bridge when playing rest stroke passages.  Do you recommend tying knots at the end of the string rather than looping it over the bridge as I noticed you had done that.

H.A. in New Jersey

What an amazing job you did.
It looks and sounds amazing.
I did not get much time
playing (too much travelling this week)
but I cant wait to go back home and play it.
Thank you very much.

Someone in Singapore

Hi Chris,
After hearing BEN played your guitar in Singapore
Guitar Fev Saturday. I was astonished. what a great
sound!   I am very interested in your guitar, wanted to know
more about them.

D.S. in Canada:

I like the guitar! The construction and finish are superb. In addition,
this could be the most playable instrument I've ever had my hands
on. The volume is excellent.

MM in Texas

the guitar kicks ass man.

P.F. in New Jersey:

I got home last night to find the guitar here. It is very
beautiful! After playing it unplugged for some time I gave the pick-up a
go through the Roland. I've still got a silly smile on my face. This is
exactly the instrument I was hoping to find. Thank you for your
artistry! It has a wonderful tone as a straight acoustic that I know
will open up beautifully with some playing and the RMC is really going
to change the way I use the Roland synth and how I compose.

    Not to be rude ... but I'm going to go back to playing now ...

C.M. in Texas:

 just an update on the 8-string.  She's amazing!  I've spent many hours
with that guitar, and I still can't get over how great the sound is.  You
are truly an artist, and your guitars are definantly going to make their
mark.  Thanks again for building me such wonderful instruments.

A.B. in New York:

yes it does feel very nice to play.  the neck feels much more comfortable
than my 650.  it makes a difference and i find that my hand falls into a
much better position for playing [the curvature of my fingers, etc.  i don't
have to stretch].  the wood on the back and sides looks gorgeous.  i've
recieved many compliments on the guitars looks and that is always the
favorite part.  did i tell you i put some flatwounds on it?  they sound
spectacular.  their tone matches perfectly for the guitar.  it sounds so
warm, but also very clear.  thanks again for all your help.  your e mail
coorespondance was really encouraging and made me feel good about the
guitar's progress.  thanks again.  this is a quality instrument.  do you
make any other stringed instruments, i.e. electric guitars, mandolins, etc.?

S.O. in Texas:

As I sit in my favorite chair listening to Christopher Parkening playing
Chaconne by Bach, I can't help but take a few glances over at my brand new
Spruce and Brazillian Chris Carrington guitar and dream of greatness.  A new
guitar doesn't make one great, but it sure is a wonderful catylist for
motivation and inspiration.

After my long seven-week excursion to Spain, Holland, Germany, and Austria
looking for an upgrade to my other guitar, I came home dissapointed but
hopeful after a friend reffered me to Chris' guitars.  I thought that for
the price they would probably be in the good-but-not-the-best caliber
instrument.  After I played my #164, however, with its boomy, rich, round,
and responsive colors, I felt like my palette had been upgraded from Crayola
to Technilolor.  At first, since the guitar IS only a month old, it felt
stiff, but after about half an hour came alive.

But spending a four-figure amount on anything requires microscope-esque
examination, so I talked Chris into letting me take #164 to the Christopher
Parkening master class in Montana.  It soon got praise from not only the
students, but was given a real christening in my heart after Mr. Parkening
asked who makes the guitar and in my best Texas accent I told him.  After
playing it, he remarked that it had a "High-Fi, Surrounding sound" and asked
if people in the back noticed the volume of the guitar.  They nodded, and
then I knew it would have to be my guitar.

Chris not only helped me in finding this guitar, but he also has spent care
and time explaining how he crafts the nuances of the instrument and how
things work in his shop, which I appreciate.  He obviously loves his work
and I am proud to now own my Chris Carrington Spruce guitar and will enjoy
breaking it in in the years to come.

Thanks Chris!!

Received the guitar yesterday.
It is a beautiful instrument! Of course I immediately had to try the
RMC pick-up.  The analog works great. I haven't had a chance to
try the midi. I noticed it came with a tapping plate(pick guard) too!
It seems like it will be a very versatile instrument to use for playing
 different venues. This is the guitar I needed for years!
Thanks again

I purchased a flamenco guitar with cypress body and a cedar top from Chris
in March 1999.  I have enjoyed it since.

One thing, perhaps the first thing demanded of a guitar intended for
flamenco accompaniment is a certain level of volume.  After all, the
flamenco technique of thumb rest stroke and treble rest stroke picado is
designed to allow the instrument to be heard over singing and dance.  My
Carrington flamenco shines in this department, as do his classical
instruments in their own realm.

It is not easy in the U.S. to find one flamenco guitar, let alone several to
compare side by side.  A few months ago I had a chance to compare the
Carrington with a late 1960 Ramirez, a recent Jose Romero blanca, and a
recent Pedro de Miguel negra.  All played by a professional player, the
Carrington held up very well, had the greatest volume of any, and seemed
particularly good for bulerias.

I think it is remarkable that Chris is able to make an instrument so well
suited and adjusted to the rather specialized world of flamenco.  I hope to
enjoy mine for many years.
D.M.  Dallas

Dear Chris,
I've been playing your guitar non-stop.  It has such a
beautiful round sound.  Other people that play it can't get over how
easy it is to get around the neck.  You definitely bring the player's
perspective to your guitars and they are so much fun to play because of
that element.  I played the guitar unamplified the other night in a solo
setting and people commented that they liked the large bass sound.
Also, I used the electronics in a chamber rehearsal and the flute player
said that he could hear my part very clearly.

Keep up the great work,
Hunter Perrin
Yale U.

Hi Chris,
I got the guitar. It is very nice looking.  The wood you selected has a
really nice pattern.  It is also very easy to play, very comfortable.  But the
most outstanding thing about it, is the sound. The sound is simply amassing,
particularly for a new guitar.  What a beautiful sound and it is also sounds
somewhere between flamenco and classic
Thank you very much for the guitar, I'll treat it right
I hope ot see you soon, please give me call when you can make it to Michigan.


Hi Chris,
the more I play the guitar the more I like it.
It has really an outstanding sound, in addition to its beautiful look.

Hey Chris,

"I think you've found "it". By "it" I mean the seemingly perfect combination
of concert classic guitar and electro-acoustic instrument. It works in all
contexts (I've used it for gigs, chamber music as well concertos.) and
through any system. It plays evenly throughout its entire range, has a very
punchy top range, a delightfully sonorous middle range, and the loudest bass
response I've heard from any guitar. The true wonder of all this though, is
that all those qualities translate into the amplified application. I prefer
to play it through the Playmate mixer and then into a pair of AR studio
monitors. Congratulations on a fine discovery. I look forward to even more
great realizations of your ideas."

Chris Kachian, 

Prof. guitar and music, St, Thomas U.

Dear Chris,

Chris Carrington made me a guitar that has been invaluable. I originally
bought it to use as an electric classical guitar for chamber music, my group
Ufonia and concerti. I was overjoyed to find it was a wonderful concert
instrument at an extremely affordable price. Thank you!

Benjamin Verdery,

Guitar Dept Head, Yale school of Music

Hi Chris,

I just saw Ben Verdery perform last night on one of your guitars here in
Santa Cruz.  He also played a Smallman for some of the pieces.  I was
struck by the "presence" of your guitar.  Just a chord by Ben while
tuning, and I said "Wow, what a sound!"  The bold, commanding sound took
over the hall.  And he was just tuning!

Just wanted to pass on my enjoyment and appreciation of your fine
instrument.  Build on!


David Hilyard

Hey chris
Got the guitar wednesday,it looks very
beautiful and sounds great.good volume.Thank you for building me a great
guitar.Now I have to start  building  a list of transciptions to play.
I plan on using this guitar to play in church.I will be leaving to Boston at
the end of the year to study at the New England Conservatory to study with
Elloit Fisk.This guiar will be my main instrument.Thanks alot.

Joe Gonzales

I picked up  the guitar and played it for a minute.  It's beautiful. This afternoon
iI'll spend more time with it.
It is really nice and comfortable , it sounds great  too.  Totally balanced.

The neck is perfect. I have big palms, and the shoulder helps me with my
thumb position automatically.  No pain radiating up my neck. I m thinking I
may want a full body in about a year with a neck just like it.
I tried the electronics last night at my regular gig.  It sounds great. So
real.  I  love this guitar.  It us absolutely perfect!

Jim  in New York

  The guitar did indeed arrive yesterday afternoon.
It looks, sounds, and feels completely wonderful.
Thanks so much for making the
guitar and getting it to me on time. I'm very grateful. Yours,
Student at Yale U.


Well, here is yet another accolade for your web site...  I've had my 635 cutaway for over a month and have come to the inescapable conclusion that buying it is one of the very best things I've ever done for myself.  I continue to be astonished at the true, bright and brilliant tones that come from this baby.  And this guitar maintains these articulate qualities whether played sweetly and gently or driven to what may modestly be called a stunning" volume.  Also, your workmanship is impeccable, and I try to guard this gem jealously against nicks and scratches.

For you readers on Chris's web site who have not had the pleasure of meeting him, I would like to add that Chris is a highly gifted and seasoned player, and studying with him continues to be a huge inspiration for me.  I feel like a tennis hack being tutored by Andre Aggasi;  that is, very fortunate and understandably amazed.  Chris' robust nature and sense of brilliance and perfection that manifest in his playing are literally embodied in his guitars.  Every time I pick up my Carrington #147, I know that Chris is alive and well.

Chris, thanks so much for enhancing my life with the richness of whatever you touch.  The very best to you, your beautiful wife Diane and your boys.

Steve Saunders
Garland, Texas

Stephanie Khoury:

My seemingly endless search for the perfect guitar led me to play dozens of
fine instruments, in search of the reigning king of fat tone.  None struck
me as even close to the instrument I chose.  My teacher, Adam Holzman,
introduced me to Chris and his guitars, bringing resolution to a very
difficult chore.
My guitar, I feel certain, has the most beautiful, round, clear, loud tone
in the universe.  It has a cedar front with Brazilian Rosewood back and
sides.  The back is an artistic masterpiece, with organic golden streaks in
the wood artistically mirroring each other.  I have traveled with my guitar
throughout the continent and I continue to be bombarded with comments about
the beautiful tone and the artistic design.  One comment I also frequently
hear is that the harmonics are unbelievably loud and clear - truly the sign
of master craftsmanship.  I will continue to play and recommend Carrington
guitars throughout my career.  Thanks Chris.

Dear Chris:
Thank you for building me such a fantastic guitar.  I am
thrilled by the extreme playability of the instrument.  The guitar has an
incredible deep, rich tone.  The tradition of past masters such as Fleta
and Friederich are well represented by your guitar.  Visually, the guitar's
design is  exotic and unique.  I love the Islamic-inspired headstock and
the mother of pearl inlays as the rosette.  The instrument is an absolute
joy to play, even when it plays wrong notes.  I am looking forward to
hearing it's full, robust, and powerful sound as the guitar continues to
open up.

                    My best regards,  Tom Clippert, Grtr Professor, Chicgo, Avanti Trio

I recently acquired classical model #97 from a guitar store in Kent, Ohio.
I just wanted to let you know that I am already in love with this guitar.
Alongside the expert craftsmanship, it sounds so very
balanced, sonorous, bass expressive and sweet. I also really appreciate
that way it conforms to my hands when I play. I base this on the fact that I traded in my 1979 Kohno
for it, and had no idea I would be doing so when I walked into the store.
Tommorrow night we'll be playing our first recital together, and I'm
really  excited. Wish me luck.
Thanks again,
Michael Vernusky

Andrew  Landry, New York City
I must tell you that the sound has
opened up beautifully.  Ben notices it every week at
each lesson.  I'm really not believing how great the
sound is.  You are not playing around man!  It's got a
great sound, unreal sustain, plenty of volume.  It's a
classy instrument, and it rocks.  Thanks very much for
making it so well, and for such a modest price!

p.s. - I got to hook it up to Ben's P.A. System this
morning and was completely blown away.  I didn't want
to leave.  I've got to get one of those, but
seriously...unplugged, it still tramples all over most
$5,000 guitars.  Thanks again.

Dominic Frasca, New York City
Chris Carrington is one of the most open minded and creative guitar makers
on the planet, he understand what a player wants and needs from a guitar
becuase he is a player , and a bad ass one at that.  His guitars represent the
future of classical guitar.

Daniel Rodriguez, Texas
This guitar is wonderful.  In my opinion, this model is Mr. Carrington's best work.  Not only is the guitar beautifully made, but the sound is of the sort that is conducive for creating a compelling musical experience which many serious guitarists would want.  My professor Robert Guthrie and my other collegues have all commented on the explosive bass notes and the clean trebles.  This new axe is loud and has more than enough volume to allow the player to add depth to his pieces.  Overall, Chris Carrington's fine craftsmanship, along with his guitar playing experience, is evident in the guitars hea has built.  He knows what a guitar should sound and feel like.

Kurt Krueckeburg, Texas
The flamenco guitar Chris built for me is gorgeous.
It is extremely light weight and incredibly easy to play, much easier than my Contreras.
And the sound tore my head off.

Ms. Ward, France
I am writing to you to tell you how how happy my son is with the guitar you built for him.  Being French, Classical music is very important and so is the instrument.  We were not sure at first whether to buy a new guitar or have one made by a luthier-your reputation as a very good luthier decided us to have one built and we have no regret.
The guitar is very beautiful and unique. As we had the pleasure to see it built in your workshop.  The greatest pleasure3 came when my son played the instrument.  First the neck was made to his hand and he feels very comfortable with the guitar.  The sound is excellent and gets better week after week.  The sound is very powerful but stays melodeous and it's a delight for me to hear my son play.  His teacher was very impressed with the guitar and likes playing it.  I must say, you have built an outstanding guitar by all means and many thanks for it.  You are a great guitar player, but also a great luthier.  Do not stop making guitars to give others so much pleasure as my son.

Lee  Wilson, Alaska
Well, I know I said I'd get back to you next week but that's too long.  The guitar is wonderful.  It's beautifully
finished and generally quite striking in appearance.  It's the sound that  sells it, however.  You described it very well - good balance, singing  trebles, lovely tone - and I am very happy with it. Not only should you cash the check, you should know I placed an ad to sell the Lopez.  So this summer I'll be watching your page for an "extra" instrument, this time with a spruce top.  Speaking of tops, I was surprised to see so much  silking in the cedar.  Very attractive.
Thanks again for your help and your selection.

Donny Blair, Texas
I am almost without words regarding this guitar.  If it were a woman.....well,we won't get into that.
Seriously, though, it is a beautiful instrument. There are two things that struck me immediately.
First, the absolute concert  quality of the guitar, plugged or unplugged.  The intonation is perfect.
Second, I was stunned by the high fidelity produced by the electronics.  Absolutely incredible!
And when I added the chorus and reverb I found a  beautiful tone that I intend to use in the upcoming
recording project.  So, all of this is a tribute to you, an extremely gifted luthier and guitarist.
Your combination of talent is extremely rare, and I feel very lucky to have  stumbled upon you as I did!

Rick Telep, Mass.
Yesterday I received #102, or my new guitar as I like to call it.  It is beautiful and sounds the same. Thanks.

David Ochsner, Mich.
Chris, received the guitar yesterday and have been playing if ever since! It sounds fabulous! It's a beautiful instrument and a very well designed case.  I particularly like the rosette design and though you tried to talk me out of it thanks for the dot marker.  Thanks again for building this wonderful instrument.

Bob Owen, Minn.
I am certainly not the best guitar player to own one of Chris Carrington’s guitars, but I may well be the most satisfied.    I would say that this guitar has taught me to listen, but that’s not entirely accurate since I was
literally swept away by the beauty of  it’s sound.  Chris has an intuitive ability to craft an instrument of exceptional quality, when quality is measured by what really counts, how an instrument feels and sounds.  His
guitars are truely works of art.

Roger Reitzel: comedian/guitarist/writer Disney Studios, Calif.
I wanted to buy a world-class concert guitar and I'd decided on an instrument  from one of the big-name luthiers.  I figured it was the only way to get a guitar with really spectacular sound. So I went to a couple of guitar "salons" - wonderful, inviting places with comfy chairs, rich oriental rugs underfoot and absolutely first-rate cappuccino.  Oh, and they let me play a variety of truly outstanding guitars - truly outstanding and very, very expensive guitars.   But hey, spectacular doesn't come cheap…

Then I got the chance to play a Carrington.  And when it came down to actual check-writing time, I bought the Carrington for the following reasons:

1)  It has a big, rich tone from top to bottom that's equal or superior to the
      names we all worship and adore.
2)  It has a unique and gorgeous look coupled with tremendous playability.
3)  It cost way less than half the price of its more famous competition.

As decisions go, this was pretty much a no-brainer.   The Carrington is the world-class guitar I was looking for.  The only problem so far is when other guitarists play my Carrington, I usually have to wave around a small handgun
to get it back…

 Al DiMeola, Internationally recognized guitar virtuoso.
"Chris began building guitars at about the same time I had him start going on concert tours with me. With each tour, he'd bring a newly finished guitar fit with electronics that he would play in my shows. You could say that he learned his craft through constant testing and retesting of his designs while actually in concert. We really put his guitars through the ropes on tours, and they held up exceptionally well. I am very impressed and pleased with the "Carrington" guitar that I own. I highly recommend these guitars to anyone looking for a professional concert instrument."

Chris Kachian, Prof. GTR. St. Thomas U.
"When I heard that Chris Carrington was building guitars, I called and had him send some up. The first three sold immediately. One was a cutaway with MIDI accessability, and the other two were traditional concert guitars. I was truly amazed to see guitars with electronics sound comparable to much more expensive concert guitars. My students have purchased several of Chris's guitars, and I own a spruce top with a MIDI pickup. My strongest recommendation goes out for these wonderful, innovative guitars. "

Todd Sharp, Guitarist w/Rod Stewart, Hall & Oates, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie
"I just remembered how much I love to play the guitar. Thank you for reminding me"

Frank Koonce, Prof. GTR. Arizona St. U.
"I custom ordered a cutaway classical guitar with a Baggs system from Chris in 1993. I have found it a delight to play, and it has a good natural tone quality. When I need to use amplification, I believe the Carrington guitar to provide the best sound available."

Giampiero Scuderi, studio and performing artist
"Throughout my career I have either owned or played many fine acoustic instruments built by well known makers. If ever there was such a thing as an 'inspiring instrument', Carrington's guitars are just that. From the original aesthetics to the powerful, expressive sound, every part of the instrument is very original and beatifully put together. The guitars ar light and are a pleasure to hold and play. The top vibrates freely and reacts very responsively to a player's touch, making the instrument quite expressive. Basses are warm and full whilst the trebles resonate with a loud singing voice that cuts through with ease in an ensemble setting. Sustain is exceptional even when playing in the highest positions and the neck is comfortably shaped. Carrington's guitars are obviously made from a player's point of view and clearly benefit from the maker's extensive experience acquired in his illustrious career as a concert and touring guitarist. They are truly a 'player's instrument'."

David Patterson, New World GTR Trio, Boston.
"Christopher Carrington guitars are carefully crafted to meet an individual's needs based on style, sound, and range. Acoustically, the instruments have a rich, even tone as well as style and grace. Electronically, they are unparalleled. I have yet to hear a more accurate, authentic sounding and versatile amplified nylon string guitar."

Enric Madriguera, Director of Guitar Studies at UT Dallas, and Eastfield Coll.
"The Carrington guitar blends new and innovative ideas with tradition in a fine handmade concert guitar. Quality is of the international level of builders."

Carlo Pezzimenti, Prof. GTR. Texas Womens U.
"I have the pleasure to inform you about the outstanding Carrington guitars. I have been playing them for the last four years. I have found in them all the necessary elements needed to perform at the concert level. If anyone is interested, I would be glad to speak further on their superb quality."

Steve Mackie, Composer, Prof. of Music, Princeton U.
"Christopher Carrington guitars bring the classical guitar into the next century. It sounds great as a purely acoustic instrument, it records very well, and amplification set-up gets a remarkably good sound, works well with effects, and has given me no feed back problems. The most important thing for me though, is that it feels good in the hands. I do a lot of improv and used to use only a '68 Les Paul. But my Carrington classical is so playable that I find myself reaching for it more and more."

Jason Bucklin, Session, Studio Top Dog Pro in Dallas
"After selling my 1967 Ramirez 1A a few years ago, I soon realized that it would be difficult to find a guitar that had the same rich, singing quality in the treble strings. With my Carrington, I have not only found an instrument that sings in the upper register, (surpassing even the Ramirez) but is balanced by a bold and pronounced sound in the bass strings as well. I'm continually amazed by the guitar."

"I am a collector of fine classical guitars; I own examples of every maker of note since, and including A. Torres.   In my collection are three Carrington guitars; they are truly world class  in both sound and appearance.   I have made my collection available to Chris Carrington for study, and he has produced some tremendous guitars,   I think due partially to his attention to my collection.   I have only the highest confidence in recommending his guitars to anyone looking for a first rate concert instrument.    One of Chris’s guitars is pictured in the book that was written about my collection. "

Russell Cleveland,

Renowned Collector of Guitars ,

“The Classical Guitar, a Complete History” Tony Bacon’s book documenting  the Cleveland Collection

Daniel Medlin, Michigan:
The guitar (635mm scale) is superb..I had a teacher play it for me and he offered to buy the guitar from me right then.  This guitar plays very very easy...I don't play it as often as the spruce top of yours, because I think I might get too lazy...either way, both guitars are beautiful...many thanks...I don't know whay one would pay $5000. or $6000. for a guitar when one could purchace one of yours and get a better tone and more sustain (I could go on and on)..keep up the good work..

Thorkell Daniel Jonsson, Iceland:
 I have now been playing the guitar for a week and I love it.  Since I have a limited vocabulary in English I a having difficulties finding the right words to describe what I like about it.  Its sound is beautiful.  I visited a friend and we compared your guitar to his Ramirez and found that the Carrington had a much warmer sound. I liked it better. My teacher tested it today and had no doubts about its quality.  I find the guitar easy to play and it was nice to feel how it responds to my attacks. Now forte is forte wwithout buzzes.  Finally, I want to thank you again for your work and to answer all my questions however.  It has been a real pleasure doing business with you.

Rachel Graves, Mass.:
I brought the guitar to my lesson this week and my teacher thinks it is a really nice instrument.  We were both impressed buy the volume output/dynamics capabilities on top of the beautiful tone and resonance.  I love your guitar and my playing sounds notably better.  Thanks again for all your help.